Barry Oreck

Music by Barry Oreck

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10 Original Songs

  1. Chicken Little (Barry Oreck and Larry Stallman)           
  2. Harder Days (Barry Oreck)     
  3. Love and Misunderstanding (Barry Oreck and Jessica Nicoll)
  4. I Can’t Believe It’s True (Barry Oreck and Larry Stallman)
  5. Don’t Take the Road (Barry Oreck)           
  6. Drink At Four (Barry Oreck and Larry Stallman)
  7. Grunt Factor (Barry Oreck)
  8. Baby Boomer (Barry Oreck and Larry Stallman)
  9. We’ll Never Change (Barry Oreck and Larry Stallman)
  10. Glory Land (Barry Oreck)

    Featuring Barry Oreck on Guitar and Vocals
    with an All-All-Allstar Band
    Rob Ickes: Dobro
    Bob Harris: Guitar, Mandolin, Bass
    Gary Oleyar: Fiddle and Electric Guitar
    Anthony Hannigan: Mandolin
    Rusty Holloway, JA Granelli: Bass
    Kevin Garcia: Percussion
    Michael Ronstadt: Cello
    Rima Fand: Fiddle
    Bob Telson: Accordion
    Paul Prestopino: Banjo
    Lucy Clarke and Debra Griner: Harmony Vocals

Other Songs


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